Advertising and advertising consulting

Creating the company’s media concept, marketing goals, content writing. Also creating the company’s marketing communication and media strategy: website, brochures and display at exhibitions. In addition, we offer the production of advertisements and promotional materials in social media platforms and traditional medias such as newspapers and radio and television and webportals.
Not everything that suits others suits you. It is necessary to understand that each client has his\ her own needs, and that it is necessary to build a customized advertising plan for the client’s needs. The advertising plan and strategy is prepared according to the client’s vision and goals. And of course the budget. Because the budget greatly affects the advertising. Is media visibility worth money? Not necessarily. Sometimes you just need to think correctly and have a good strategy to promote the brand and the product…

Public relations and maintaining contact with the media

Promotion of interviews and content materials in the various media outlets. Maintaining regular contact with journalists and media persons, in order to promote your products.
Part of your media visibility is promoting the business in mass media. Whether it’s on the internet, radio, newspapers, and television. To all the traditional means of communication, new mass communication tools have been added to the tool set in the past decade, which are beginning to reveal their importance only in recent years. I mean social networks.
Our goal is to help you convey your message, in the most appropriate means of communication for you, in the most receptive way that will make it easier for the recipient to crack the job.
As experts in the field of communication, we manage a number of clients in dealing with the media, arranging interviews for them in the various media, especially in the media and websites in the Arabic language in Israel. In addition to issuing written materials on a regular basis: announcements and PR’s to the media, organizing press conferences if necessary, invitations to the media to cover certain events, marketing events to the media, and conveying your message in the media. This is our job!

Management of websites, and social media pages

(Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and other social networks)
Paid PPC advertising on Facebook Spreading awareness to relevant target audiences Sponsored promotion in social networks Management of professional Facebook pages Clicks from potential customers Remarketing activity to an existing audience


Our company has expertise and resources that we have accumulated over the years not only in promoting websites in Google but also in other search engines and additional advertising platforms that can increase the number of surfers on your website, improve its visibility on the Internet and consistently improve conversion rates. By adjusting the content according to keywords for Google searches (SEO – Search Engine Optimization)