Translation from Hebrew to Arabic


The Arabic language , the language of one and a half million inhabitants , in addition to being the language of the larger space , and the mother tongue of more than 284 million people in the Arab world , is the language of the Koran , so the number of its speakers in the world is increasing day by day . Also, Arabic is an official language in Israel , and an official language in the United Nations , as the language of about 6% of the world’s inhabitants !
The language develops according to the place , and there are many dialects that fit the local Palestinian Arabic , and others that are unique to the Gulf regions and others to other regions such as North Africa and others .
The Arabic language is very similar to the Hebrew language . And despite both being Semitic languages , and the similarity also being that both languages ​​are written from right to left , and have the same syntactic structure . Although this makes the work of the translator easier , it makes it difficult with the many words in Arabic , the many idioms , and the extensive literary knowledge that gives the translator the ability to translate as required at the highest level . Therefore , it is very important to translate documents and content from Hebrew to Arabic .